Through an article in the magazine “NEW CERAMICS“ we were made aware of a ceramic related project in Tanzania. The German couple, Gabi and Rainer Bacher, run a school for blind and handicapped children and youth. To give these young people career opportunities a ceramics production studio was set up with the financial help of various organizations. Up until now they have mostly been involved with the production of ceramic water filters which was spearheaded by the American organization Potters for Peace. To maximize the number of participants in the production studio, the plan is to go ahead with the production of ceramic tiles and household wares. In order for this meaningful project to take place, the voluntary help of specialists in the field of ceramic production are needed.

From here in Germany we have been involved in the project through our work in analyzing local available clays, minerals and other raw materials. Our goal is to improve the drying and firing process of the suboptimal local clay through the addition of other local raw materials. Subsequently we will be attempting to develop glazes so that the production of quality table ware can commence.