Development assistance in ceramics: Arno and Ute Hastenteufel conduct partnership projects in Asia and Africa. The encouragement of the handcraft of traditional potteries should help to maintain jobs in 3rd world countries
Sierra Leone

Partnership projects

Pottery is one of the oldest craft forms in the history of mankind.
Especially in rural areas of the so called Third World, this handcraft has maintained itself in an almost unchanged form until today.
In Europe traditional pottery loses its importance, the same is happening in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Here the modernization of rural areas (electricity supply, building of wells, etc.) is generally viewed as positively, but has made many traditional ceramic products redundant.
In densely populated countries, where incomes and occupation can no longer be sustained by agriculture alone, a special significance is given to the advancement of handcrafts. Precisely in the area of ceramics, jobs can be created and maintained without large investments.
Often all necessary raw materials of the best quality are available and it is possible to produce high-quality products. A market for modern ceramics can be made available through the growth of tourism as well as the increase of gastronomy business within the cities.
Many domestic ceramicists in the Third World are unable to accept orders or to develop new markets because they do not have access to training.
The workshops accomplished by Ute and Arno Hastenteufel are designed to meet specific local requirements. They cover formal and technical topics.