The Team

Since 1994 Ute and Arno Hastenteufel conduct training seminars for ceramicists in Africa and Asia.
One of the sponsors is among others the Chamber of Crafts of Coblenz, which maintains partnership projects in Africa and Southeast Asia. On behalf of the ministry of the Interior of the country Rheinland Pfalz, in the context of the Rwanda partnership, seminars were accomplished in Rwandese potteries and apprenticeship workshops.

Through out their formation and activity of many years in the ceramic handcraft and their following further training, she, as Ceramic Designer and he, as Ceramic Technician, the Hastenteufels have achieved comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge. For Ute and Arno Hastenteufel the collegial co-operation with the respective seminar participants has fundamental importance.
The association between their specialized knowledge and their personnel interest into the living circumstances of the native potters forms the basis of a successful co-operation.