Sierra Leone

Project Laos

Since 1996 the Chamber of Crafts Coblenz has maintained partner relationships with the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The focus of the partnership was the establishment of "Design centre" in the capital Vientiane.
Between 1997-1999 were taken there different actions for the further training potters of Laos:
Oct 1997: Evaluation of the potters handcraft in Laos and Thailand. Preparation of ceramic apprenticeship workshops at Vientiane Design Centre.
Jan 1998, Vientiane Design Centre: Implementation of a ceramic workshop. Instructing the Lao’s potters about workshop equipment and electric kiln. In the context of the workshop, building a gas kiln.
Oct. 1998, Vientiane Design Centre: Execution of a workshop "raw material optimization, glaze development /product design".
Oct 1999, potters village Ban Chane: Improvement of existing products in technical and aesthetic elaboration.
Mediate new techniques in the shaping area and surface design. Expansion of the product range. -> further information
Oct 1999, design centre Vientiane: Reviewing of the ceramic workshop on totality and function. Increase of the efficiency of the gas kiln. Continued training of the local instructor in the area product
formation and quality improvement.