Hastenteufel - Entwicklungshilfe Keramik: Arno und Ute Hastenteufel führen Partnerschaftsprojekte in Asien und Afrika durch. Handwerksförderung von traditionellen Töpfereien soll 3. Welt Ländern helfen Arbeitsplätze zu erhalten.
Sierra Leone

Project Sierra Leone

In March 2005, we received an enquiry from the EED (the Church Development Service, a Protestant aid agency in Germany). A partner organisation was planning to set up a train-ing centre for young ceramists in Sierra Leone. A simply equipped pottery was already in place.

July. 2005, Freetown Sierra Leone: Research and evaluation of the possible development of an educational program in the area of ceramics, on behalf of the Evangelischen Entwicklungsdienst, EED. (Ute and Arno Hastenteufel)
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February 2006, Waterloo / Sierra Leone: Set up the pottery studio/workshop and started giving local youth courses in areas of forming pottery objects, working with glazes and kiln firing. (Ute and Arno Hastenteufel)