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Project Rwanda 1/2

Project Rwanda

The country Rhineland-Palatinate has maintained since 1982 a partnership to the republic of Rwanda. Apart from improvements of the infrastructure, the school education, the development of the public health services as well as the promotion of "Streets Children" projects, the strengthening of the rural handcraft is also one of the basic columns of partnership aid projects.
This appears to be especially important, taking into consideration that 90% the constantly growing population still depends in more than on agriculture. Where last reserve of the land is used and a further intensification of agriculture is barely possible, the handcraft becomes even more the hope of the small country.
April 2002, Gatagara/Rwanda: Evaluation of a pottery project on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior Rhineland-Palatinate. (Arno Hastenteufel)
Feb 2003, Gatagara/Rwanda: Quality improvement, product development, mediate new work technologies ". (Ute and Arno Hastenteufel )
Oct 2003, Execution of a ceramic seminar to the subject: "Product design. Glaze development". (Ute Hastenteufel) "Improvement of the technical equipment. Building an energy-saving kiln". (Arno Hastenteufel)
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